museum Collection
Stage 1 expansion project – Mareeba in WW2

This project displays the WW2 contribution featuring aircraft & the squadrons that were based here.

CAC Boomerang

Currently under restoration

-Pilot stories/photos WANTED

Douglas DC3/c-47

Static display

Stories/ parts WANTED

Auster J2 Arrow

Static/flying display

Return to airworthy

DH82 Tiger Moth

Project aircraft

Parts/Pilot stories/photos WANTED

bristol Beaufort

Undercarriage display

First Aircraft to land at Mareeba

Stories/ undercarriage & wheel parts WANTED

Bell P39 Airacobra

Local aircraft sections from recovered aircraft

Stories/Parts WANTED

Boeing Stearman

WW2 Training Aircraft

Return to airworthy condition

North American Yale

Empire Training Scheme Aircraft

Restoration project

Propellor 2D30 hub 6101 blades WANTED

B17 Flying Fortress

Local aircraft sections from recovered aircraft

Stories/Parts WANTED

military uniforms badges & MEMORABILIA

Range of military uniforms, badges & much more worn by service persons in WW2

B24 Engine Cowl

B24 Liberator aircraft display

library – magazines & books

A range of books, magazines & flyers from 1930’s onwards.

Books, magazines & photos WANTED


Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

On request from school groups the full collection will be made available.

Mareeba airport

Vicary Rd, Mareeba


PO Box 987, Kuranda QLD 4881
Phone: 0422 379 984 (Brendan Kent – Secretary)